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Tree of Life Internship Opportunities

Internships are available for Summer, Fall and Spring semesters of 2006-07

About ToL Internships

We are looking for interns to help develop our resources for kids and teachers (ToL Treehouses). Learners and teachers will use treehouses to find fun activities, curriculum materials, games, investigations, biographies, stories, multimedia and quality information on the world’s organisms. The site will feature web tools that allow users to create treehouses using their own work and information, multimedia resources and templates found on the ToL. As we develop our site as a resource for k-12 learners and teachers we are looking for undergraduate or graduate student interns in:

Interns must sign up for one to three units of course credit. Internships are not supported by a stipend. The Tree of Life is currently affiliated with the University of Arizona Department of Entomology. Students can receive credit through the UA Entomology Department or set up internships for credit through their home department. Students can sign up for one to three credits of work. Each credit requires 45 hours in the internship and a satisfactory evaluation at the end of the internship period.

General Opportunities for all ToL interns:
For Biologists and Science Educators:
For Library Scientists:

We have special internship opportunities for University of Arizona SIRLS students for Summer, Fall and Spring 2006-07.

For Multimedia Artists:

Submit a letter of interest

To submit a ToL Internship Letter of Interest please
send an email to Lisa Schwartz at with the following information:

1. Your name, home department, type of student (undergraduate/graduate) and number of years enrolled in your current degree seeking program.

2. The semester in which you would complete your internship.

3. The number of credits you would sign up to receive. Each credit requires 45 hours of work in the internship.

4. A brief statement of purpose for your internship and the relevant expertise that you would bring to your work. Please refer to the About ToL Internships section above for areas of need.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ToL Intern.


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