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Links to ToL Partner Projects

CIPRES Outreach
CIPRES has sponsored (or co-sponsored) three teaching modules for learning about phylogeny, freely available for use by educators. You can also view a CIPRES sponsored study investigating teaching with the tree of life.
Tree Thinking Group
The Tree Thinking site focuses on the use of a phylogenetic perspective for making sense of biology and contains excellent resources for understanding, promoting and implementing tree thinking.

Featured Links

Understanding Evolution
An evolution website for teachers widely recognized for its excellence. The site contains lessons for k-12 classrooms, background information, strategies for approaching the teaching of evolution, case studies and interactive modules. For example the Arthropod Story is an interactive investigation that delves into the amazing world of the arthropods and examines their success and their evolutionary constraints.
PBS Evolution Project
The evolution project contains courses for teachers, online lessons for students and a variety of interactive modules for learning about evolution. For example, All in the Family is a Macromedia Flash based interactive tutorial on how evolutionary relationships are determined that emphasizes the differences between looking at superficial morphological characteristics and shared ancestry.

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