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The Tree of Life is composed of several different types of pages that you can visit. Core scientific content branch and leaf pages are authored only by expert biologists, while notes, other articles and treehouses are authored by biologists, learners and science enthusiasts from around the world.

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To view different types of ToL pages and media either click on the image map above or click the links below. Note that the links will open up in a new browser window.

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For more information about how the Tree of Life is organized into different pages, see the Structure of the Tree of Life, where you can visit some exemplary pages and read more about each ToL page category (see the Categories of Tree of Life section).

Some Suggested Routes for Exploring the ToL

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Links between ToL pages let visitors explore the evolutionary tree of life from the bottom up or from the top down.

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Introduction to Learning with the Tree of Life WebQuest

To learn with the Tree of Life (the ToL) and become a ToL contributor, it is important to first learn about the ToL. In the Introduction to Learning with the Tree of Life WebQuest you will play the role of students and/or biologists who have been invited to become contributors to the ToL and present at the ToL Biodiversity Conference in the Galapagos. In the process of exploring the ToL in this WebQuest you will visit ToL pages to learn about:

Browsing and Learning About Phylogeny

Four Ways of Learning with the ToL

The ToL provides four different ways of interacting with ToL learning resources, from the least interactive (browsing) to the most interactive (becoming a treehouse builder and creating ToL treehouse web pages). Visit Four Ways of Learning with the ToL to find out more about these learning opportunities.

Learning with the ToL

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