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It's a good idea to get better acquainted with WebQuests before you make your own.

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A WebQuest is an inquiry oriented and web-based activity for learners that was originally developed in early 1995 at San Diego State University by Bernie Dodge with Tom March. WebQuests focus learners on specific web-based information resources with the aim of supporting them in using information for analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (Dodge, 1995). It is important to understand that WebQuests are not just a collection of links for learners to go and retrieve information but a way for learners to transform information into a newly constructed, assimilated understanding (March, 2005).

Students are the intended audience of a WebQuest, and WebQuest authors are encouraged to formulate roles for learners to play, or scenarios to contextualize and make meaningful the search for knowledge that takes place within the WebQuest.

Today, teachers and learners all over the world are actively creating and embarking upon WebQuests. The Tree of Life's WebQuest format follows the six traditional steps for a WebQuest:


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March, Tom (2005) "What WebQuests Are (Really) http://bestwebquests.com/what_webquests_are.asp


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