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Copyright Permission Letter

Directions: Copy and paste (see tips for how to copy and paste below) the letter below into an email (or letter) and fill in the italicized words with your information.


I am writing to ask for permission to use INSERT NAME OF IMAGE FILE AND DESCRIPTION, found on INSERT URL OF WEB PAGE or NAME OF PUBLICATION on the web page I am building about INSERT WHAT TREEHOUSE IS ABOUT that will be published on the Tree of Life web project (http://www.tolweb.org). The Tree of Life (the Tool) is a nonprofit educational web site, hosted by the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the UA Libraries, that teaches about biodiversity and features contributions by expert scientists, kids and teachers. I am creating this web page to learn about INSERT NAME OF ORGANISM(S) and also teach others about what I have learned.

In order to use your media file I will first need to upload it to the ToL database. When I upload the media file I will put the correct copyright information and any other credits that you require (View sample form at http://www.tolweb.org/tree/learn/TreebuilderTools/DataEntry/ImageDataPreview.html).

Do I have your permission to use the media file? Please write YES or NO here: ___________

If you said YES, I will need to choose a ToL use model for the media file. For full ToL use information see http://www.tolweb.org/tree/home.pages/toluse.html
Please choose one of the options below and write the option here: ________________

Thank you so much for letting me know if I can use your media file and the ToL model that should govern its use.



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