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Add Text and Media with the ToL Easy Editor

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Refer to the list below to learn how to format your page, create links and insert media with the Easy Editor.

The ToL Easy Editor Toolbar

Hold your mouse
over each button and the button's function will appear. Click a pull down menu to see formatting choices.



Media (Sounds, Movies and Documents)







Tips for Copying and Pasting

There are three ways you can copy and paste text:

Broswers that work with the Easy Editor

  • The Easy Editor works in the following web browsers:
    • Firefox. We recommend the freely downloadable browser Firefox for composing pages with the Easy Editor. We do the majority of our Easy Editor testing with Firefox.
    • Internet Explorer (version 5.0 and up on Windows only)
    • Netscape
    • Mozilla and any Mozilla based browser
    • Any browser based on Gecko
  • The Easy Editor does not work in the following web browsers:
    • Safari (the editor toolbar will appear but most of the functions will not work properly)
    • Internet Explorer on the Mac (the editor toolbar will not appear, only a regular text area)

    We recommend that Mac users download Firefox if they don't have Netscape, Mozilla or another compatible browser already installed.

    The Easy Editor is a web editor that allows you to create your treehouse without writing HTML code. Web pages are created using a code called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Visitors to the WWW do not see the HTML code unless they choose to "view source" from their web browser's menu (see example below).

A web page and the HTML that is beneath it

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