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Medicinal Plants of the Lakota Sioux, 07-08 M1, G1

Class Project Treehouses

Published Treehouses ID Author
<em>Fritillaria atropurpurea</em> (Spotted Fritillary) <span class="authority">by James</span> 4587
<em>Sagittaria latifolia</em> also known as Duck Potato <span class="authority">by Jessica</span> 4588
<em>Yucca glauca</em> Soapweed Yucca 4591
<em>Hymenopappus tenuifolius</em> <span class="authority">by Riley</span> 4597
<em>Artemesia campestris</em> <span class="authority">by Adam</span> 4599
<em>Liatris punctata</em> also known as Dotted Blazing Star <span class="authority">by Tash</span> 4602
<em>Ambrosia trifida</em>, giant ragweed <span class="authority">by Robert</span> 4605
<em>Lygodesmia juncea</em> 4607
Investigation of <em>Ambrosia artemisiifolia</em> Ragweed <span class="authority">by Amelia</span> 4614
Investigation of <em>Echinacea angustifolia</em> <span class="authority">by Cameron</span> 4615
Investigation of the Whorled Milkweed <span class="authority">by Josh</span> 4622
<em>Artemisia tridentata</em> also known as Big Sagebrush <span class="authority">by Tassy</span> 4623
<em>Asclepias viridiflora</em> <span class="authority">by Hayden</span> 4629
<em>Acorus calamus</em> a.k.a. Sweet Flag <span class="authority">by Brittany</span> 4630
<em>Asclepias speciosa</em> <span class="authority">by Justin</span> 4632
Investigation of <em>Gutierrezia sarothrae</em> <span class="authority">by Richard</span> 4637
<em>Asclepias verticillata</em> also known as the whorled milkweed <span class="authority">by Jake</span> 4638
<em>Antennaria parvifolia</em> also known as Rocky Mountain Pussytoes <span class="authority">by Baylee</span> 4654
<em>Asclepias stenophylla</em> also known as Narrowleaved Milkweed <span class="authority">by Keersten</span> 4655
<em>Asclepias incarnata</em> a.k.a. swamp milkweed <span class="authority">by Mary</span> 4656
<em>Artemisia cana</em> <span class="authority">by Derrick</span> 4671
Investigation of <em>Ambrosia trifida</em> <span class="authority">by Terri</span> 4680
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