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ToL Web Tools: Building Branch & Leaf Pages

ToL authors use the ToL Web Tools to edit branch and leaf pages that were created either in TreeGrow (where it's easy to quickly establish the page boundaries for a branch) or directly in the ToL Web Tools (see below). The ToL Web Tools are available to registered ToL contributors on the ToL Development Site. The viewing of branch or leaf pages on this site requires either a log-in cookie or manual log-in with your personal user name and password. When the site is accessed through TreeGrow, the application will log you in automatically.

Once you are logged-in, ToL Development Site pages for which you have editing privileges will feature a simple, user-friendly interface displaying edit ... links next to each section of the page.

Clicking on an edit ... link will open a form where you can enter text and other information for the ToL page. Editing forms for text sections feature an Easy Mode text editor that provides a wysiwyg interface and allows authors to format their text without knowledge of HTML.

Authors can use the ToL Web Tools to create a new branch or leaf page for a groups as long as:

In order to create a new page, go to the page of the containing group on the ToL Development Site, and open the edit subgroup names/pages box. Click on the link for the group for which you want to create the new page.

This will open a form that lets you edit information associated with this group. Click on Create a Leaf (or Branch) Page for this Group in the right sidebar.

This will create a new page template for the group. Editing links for the different sections of the page will be provided in the right sidebar, ...

...and you can click on View Page to go to the newly created page template.

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