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Taxa Associated with the Family Neoteuthidae Naef, 1921

Michael J. Sweeney and Richard E. Young

(data as of June 2002)

Nominal Genus-Level Taxa

Alluroteuthis Odhner, 1923:1.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Young (1972:35)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Alluroteuthis antarcticus Odhner, 1923 by monotypy

Neoteuthis Naef, 1921:540.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Young (1972:34)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Neoteuthis thieli Naef, 1921 by monotypy

Nototeuthis Nesis and Nikitina, 1986:290.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Nesis and Nikitina (1992:58)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Nototeuthis dimegacotyle Nesis and Nikitina, 1986 by original designation

Nominal Species-Level Taxa (As Introduced Binomial)

Alluroteuthis antarcticus Odhner, 1923:2, pl 1.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide Nesis (1987:222)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- NRM Syntypes 1080 [fide Sandberg and Waren (1993:122)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Weddell Sea, 63∞25'S, 45∞39'W

Nototeuthis dimegacotyle Nesis and Nikitina, 1986:290, figs 1-2.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide; taxon not yet reviewed]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- ZMMGU Holotype Y-263 [fide Ivanov and Sysoev (2000:110)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Southeastern Pacific, 50∞38.5'S, 081∞40.5'W

Neoteuthis thielei Naef, 1921:540.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide Nesis (1987:222)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Unresolved; ZMB Holotype[?] [= Thiele (1920:pl 54, figs 13-14)] [species not traced in Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 32∞08'S, 8∞28'W (Atlantic Ocean)

Type Repositories

NRM- Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Box 50007, S-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden. [For type catalog of Odhner taxa see Sandberg and Waren (1993)]

ZMB- Zoologisches Museum, Museum f¸r Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universitat, Invalidenstrasse 43, D-1040 Berlin, Germany.† [for Odhner taxa Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000)]

ZMMGU-Zoological Museum, Moscow State University, u1. Gensena 6, Moscow, Russia.† [for Odhner taxa Ivanov and Sysoev (2000)]


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Young, R.E. 1972.  The systematics and areal distribution of pelagic cephalopods from the seas off southern California.  Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, 97:1-159, 15 figures, 38 plates.

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