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Taxa Associated with the Family Psychroteuthidae Thiele, 1920

Michael J. Sweeney and Richard E. Young

(data as of June 2002)

Nominal Genus-Level Taxa

Psychroteuthis Thiele, 1920:440.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Roper et al. (1969:9)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Psychroteuthis glacialis Thiele, 1920 by monotypy

Nominal Species-Level Taxa (As Introduced Binomial)

Psychroteuthis glacialis Thiele, 1920:440, pl 53 figs 9-16.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide Roper et al (1969:9)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- ZMB Lectotype Moll.-110014 [fide Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000:275)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 66∞S, 89∞E (Southern Ocean) [fide Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000:275)]

Type Repositories

ZMB- Zoologisches Museum, Museum f¸r Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universitat, Invalidenstrasse 43, D-1040 Berlin, Germany. [For type catalog see Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000)]


Glaubrecht, M. and M.A. Salcedo-Vargas. 2000. Annotated type catalogue of the Cephalopoda (Mollusca) in the Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt University of Berlin. Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Zoologischen, 76(2):269-282.

Roper, C.F.E., R.E. Young, and G.L. Voss. 1969. An illustrated key to the families of the order Teuthoidea (Cephalopoda). Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, 13:1-32, 16 plates.

Thiele, J. 1920. Cephalopoden der deutschen Südpolar-Expedition 1901-1903. Deutsche Südpolar-Expedition 1901-1903, 16(Zoology 8):433-465, 4 plates. [publication date Dec. 1920]

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Psychroteuthis glacialis

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