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Grimpoteuthis abyssicola: Measurements and Counts

Steve O'Shea and Richard E. Young
Total length 305
Mantle length 75
Mantle width 72
Fin length 63
Fin width 24
Arm I, length (right/left) 200/215
Arm II, length 190/189
Arm III, length 172/173
Arm IV, length 161/ -
Web sector A, length 145
Web sector B, length 131/130
Web sector C, length 95/106
Web sector D, length 75/87
Web sector E, length 65
Arm I, sucker count 77/74
Arm II, sucker count 75/72
Arm III, sucker count 74/70
Arm IV, sucker count 70/ -
Max. cirrus length, Arm I 7.4
Max. cirrus length, Arms II-IV 6.0
Sucker diam., Arm I 3.0/2.8
Sucker diam., Arms II-IV 2.8/2.5
Gill lamellae (total) 8


Measurements are taken from O'Shea, 1999.


O'Shea, Steve. 1999. The Marine Fauna of New Zealand: Octopoda (Mollusca: Cephalopoda). NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 112:  280pp.

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Grimpoteuthis abyssicola

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