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Wayne Maddison
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Composition of Heliophaninae after Maddison (1987, unpublished)
Containing group: Salticidae


A primarily Old World subfamily with a distinctive leg-carapace stridulatory mechanism. The New World has only Marchena minuta and the neotropical bark-dwellers Helvetia and Yepoella. There are hints that social aggregations may be common throughout the group (Maddison, 1987).


The heliophaninae is delimited by two characters (Maddison, 1987):

  1. a stridulatory apparatus consisting of seta-bearing tubercles on the first leg femur and rugose carapace-sides
  2. a bump on the tegulum


Maddison, W. P. 1987. Marchena and other jumping spiders with an apparent leg-carapace stridulatory mechanism (Araneae: Salticidae: Heliophaninae and Thiodininae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 7: 101-106.

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