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Doryteuthis (Doryteuthis) roperi (Cohen 1976)

Island inshore squid

Michael Vecchione and Richard E. Young
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Containing group: Doryteuthis


Size: to 7 cm ML


  1. Mantle
    1. Mantle slender
  2. Fins
    1. Fin length 33-39% ML.
  3. Tentacles
    1. Tentacles short, 14-21% ML
    2. Clubs with <25 transverse rows of suckers.
  4. Arms
    1. Left ventral arm hectocotylized for >50% of arm length; 80% of suckers in dorsal series modified to minute size, set on broadly triangular bases.

Habitat and Biology

Apparently associated with islands. 

Maturity is attained at 4 cm ML.

Geographic Distribution

Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

Other Names for Doryteuthis (Doryteuthis) roperi (Cohen 1976)

Title Illustrations
Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Scientific Name Doryteuthis (Doryteuthis) roperi
Acknowledgements Vecchione, M. 2003. Cephalopoda. FAO Guide for Identification of Invertebrates of the western Central Atlantic. 1:150-244.
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Doryteuthis (Doryteuthis) roperi

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