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Allancastria caucasica (Lederer, 1864)

Vazrick Nazari
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Containing group: Allancastria


The life history and ecology of A. caucasica has been studied in detail by Hensle (1993), Nardelli (1993a, 1993b), Hesselbarth et al. (1995), and von Stetten (2002). Described originally as a subspecies of A. cerisy, A. caucasica was first given species status by Kuhna (1977). Hesselbarth et al. (1995) provided synonymies for A. caucasica (Type locality: Kutaisi, Georgia), including A. c. tkatschukovi Sheljuzhko, 1927 (Type locality: Sotshi, Caucasus), A. c. cachetica Sheljuzhko, 1927 (Type locality: Lagodechi, SE Caucasus), and A. c. abanti Koçak, 1975 (Type locality: Abant Golu, Bolu prov., Turkey).

Geographical Distribution

This species is distributed from the Black Sea and southern Russia (southern Caucasus Mountains) to Georgia and northeast Turkey (Hesselbarth et al., 1995).

Larval Food Plant

Larvae feed on Aristolochia pontica, A. pallida, and A. iberica (Carbonell 1996; Hesselbarth et al. 1995). In captivity, larvae also tolerate A. pistolochia and A. rotunda (Nardelli, 1993a, 1993b; Carbonell, 1996).


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Title Illustrations
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Scientific Name Allancastria caucasica
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Sex Male
Copyright © 2006
Scientific Name Allancastria caucasica
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Sex Female
Copyright © 2006
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Allancastria caucasica

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