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Preview Steps for Building a Treehouse

The 8 steps shown on this page will need to be completed to create a treehouse. Note that the links that say "edit this step" will not work on this page. To view each individual editing step you can try out the treehouse building tools or download sample editing step pdf files.

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  1. 1.About This Page
  2. 2.Page Content
  3. 3.Upload/Edit Media
  4. 4.References and Links
  5. 5.Learning Information
  6. 6.Attach to Group
  7. 7.Add Notes
  8. 8.Publish

To complete your treehouse edit steps 1 - 8.
Help is available after you click a link to edit a treehouse building step.

Before you begin editing you may
copy data from another one of your treehouses

Your progress is indicated to the right and in the navigation bar of each page by the color of each step:

  1. need to edit
  2. work in progress
  3. complete

In order to have your work shown as complete you will need to check the box in the upper left hand corner of each page.

Contributor Information, author correspondent and acknowledgement information

Step 1. Edit About this Page

  • Decide on the ToL terms of use.
  • Complete author, copyright owner and correspondent information.
  • Add acknowledgements for those who helped in the creation of your treehouse.

Step 2. Edit Page Content

Add text and media (images, sounds and movies) to your treehouse.

  • Compose treehouse page titles and text.
  • Find media in the ToL database that you may use in your treehouse.
  • Insert media (images, sounds and movies) into your treehouse page.
Upload media to the ToL database

Step 3. Upload and/or Edit Media

In order to insert media files (images, sounds and movies) you create yourself or find on the WWW into your treehouse, you will first need to upload (add) them to the ToL database.

When you upload media to the ToL database you must add information, such as copyright, for each media file.

References and Information on the Internet

Step 4. Edit References and Information on the Internet

Add reference materials and information on the Internet that you have used to create your treehouse and/or provide useful information for visitors.

Learning Information

Step 5. Edit Learning Information

Add learning resource information like learner level and treehouse type so that others can easily find, visit and use your treehouse.

Treehouses are attached to ToL Branch and Leaf pages

Step 6. Edit Attach to Group

To publish your treehouse you must attach it to the Branch or Leaf page for the group of organisms on the Tree of Life that your treehouse is about. For example, if your treehouse is about Ants, you would attach it to the Ant branch page. Visitors to the ToL will then be able to access your treehouse from the Ants branch page, and from ToL searches for Ants.

add notes to yourself and ToL editors

Step 7. Add Notes

Add notes for yourself or for ToL Editors. Your notes will not be published on your treehouse.


Step 8. Publish Your Treehouse

publish your treehouse on the ToL

When you are satisfied with your page you should submit it for publication on the ToL web site. As soon as your page has been approved for publication you will receive an email with its URL (web address). Visitors to the ToL will be able to access your treehouse via the group of organisms to which you attached your treehouse.

Get Help

Save your work!

To save your work and preview your treehouse click Save and Preview at the bottom of each editing step's page.

Warning! You must click Save and Preview from each treehouse building step before you close the treehouse editor window or you will lose your work.

Your ability to edit will time-out in 1 hour of inactivity. Therefore, we recommend that you save your work when you step away from the computer.

Contact Lisa Schwartz, ToL Learning Materials Editor, at with any comments, problems or questions. We welcome your feedback.