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Prashant Singh

I have a basic research Background in Cyanobacterial Microbiology that focuses around use of Molecular Techniques and use of a multi-locus approach for characterization of microbes. 16S rRNA, nifH, nifD, psbA, rbcl alongwith the various variants of ERIC, HIP and STRR strategies are my forte. In a first of its kind, mathematical extrapolations of gene sequence data has been done to assess the evolutionary pace of the microbial world. Metagenomics has also been something that interests me and I am currently working in this field. Alongwith all this, bioinformatics softwares really interest me and suit my interests.

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Institution: Banaras Hindu University
Groups of Interest: Cyanobacteria
Subject Areas of Interest: Biogeography, Ecology, Phylogenetics, DNA/proteins, Taxonomy, Evogenomics and Phylogenomics
Geographic Areas of Interest: Indian Subcontinent; Arctics in Svalbard, Norway
Contributor ID: 5602

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