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Alex Popovkin

Russian-born US citizen, since 1991 living in Bahia, Brazil. Having since adolescence been interested in tropical plants and done volunteer work at the Botanic Garden of the Univ. of St Petersburg, Russia, in the early sixties I'm now lving my childhood dream in what is left of the Atlantic rainforest in rural Bahia, Brazil. My pictures are a record of the local flora; more specifically of my ranch, Fazenda Rio do Negro, in Entre Rios, Bahia, Brazil (S12.01 W038.04 150 m alt.). Species identification involves a major effort, requiring communications with botanists from three continents. My daily botanizing always brings new personal discoveries.

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Groups of Interest: Angiosperms
Subject Areas of Interest: Biogeography, Ecology, Phylogenetics, Taxonomy
Geographic Areas of Interest: Brazil Atlantic rain forest
Contributor ID: 3943

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