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Neil Snow

During the past decade my research has focused primarily on the systematics and evolution of Myrtaceae, especially on the baccate (fleshy fruited) genera. Working frequently with collaborators, current and past efforts have focused on taxonomic revisions and the description of new species in Lithomyrtus, Myrtella, Rhodamnia, Rhodomyrtus, Gossia, Lenwebbia, Austromyrtus, Eugenia, Uromyrtus, Decaspermum, and Pilidiostigma, and a genus not yet described. Approaches with collaborators include morphology, SEM, and DNA sequencing.

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Institution: Univeristy of Northern Colorado
Groups of Interest: Myrtales
Subject Areas of Interest: Biogeography, Phylogenetics, DNA/proteins, Taxonomy
Geographic Areas of Interest: Worldwide, especially neotropics, Australia-Pacific, Madagascar.
Contributor ID: 3363

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