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Steffi Ickert-Bond

Education: Dipl. Ing. (B.S.), 1994. Technical University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany, with honors. Thesis title: Pinus L. Subsektionen Balfourianae Engelmann und Rzedowskianae Carvajal- Biologische und gartenbauliche Aspekte. M.S., 1997. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. Thesis title: Biosystematics of Pinus krempfii Lecomte. Ph.D., 2003. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. Thesis title: Systematics of New World Ephedra L. (Ephedraceae): Integrating morphological and molecular data. Research Interests: Phylogenetic relationships, biogeography, and gene evolution in three diverse groups of vascular plants: 1) the Asian-North American disjunct family Altingiaceae (the "sweet gums"), 2) the tropical Old World- New World disjunct genus Dendropanax (Araliaceae) and 3) the arid gymnosperm genus Ephedra (Gnetales). My current research concentrates on three major areas: 1) molecular systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and morphological evolution of Altingiaceae, Ephedra, and Araliaceae; 2) reconstruction of paleo-CO2 and paleoelevation using the stomatal proxy method; and 3) classical revisionary work and floristic work in Altingiaceae and New World Ephedra.

Contributor Type: Scientific Core Contributor
Institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Assigned Groups: Gnetales
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Contributor ID: 2931

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