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frederik de wilde

BIO (in NL of EN, max. 500 woorden) Frederik De Wilde °1975, lives in Brussels (BE) Frederik De Wilde studied painting, sculpture, achieved a master in plastic arts and followed a pre-education in architecture. He also studied one year of philosophy. In that same period he started to work, as a self-thought dancer, with dance companies and was selected in the category solo for the 'Concours International de la Danse' in Paris, France. Frederik concluded his studies with a post-graduate degree in new media, arts & design (TransMedia, Brussels) where he was initiated in software programming. Furthermore, Frederik studied & worked abroad. For instance at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Trenton, NJ, USA. Frederik has also been working for other artists, companies and institutes as a scenographer, software programmer, sounddesigner, etc. Frederik is regularly commissioned for making video-clips, trailers, soundscapes and so forth. For example; he made trailers for The Kaaitheater, Argos vzw, etc. He is also part of the 'Zoning Ensemble'; a group of fieldrecording artist ( Anton Aeki, Johan Vandermaelen, Arnoudt Jacobs, Benoît Plochingen) and founded recently his own collective, namely, The Bureau of Impure Problems. As workshop leader and lecturer he has mainly been working for Groep-T (new media engineers) at the University of Leuven & as a researcher involved in cognitive science projects at the University of Brussels (VUB) and more recently as a workshop leader in the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey. An example of one of his previous projects is 'Still Things,' a multidisciplinary three-part project in the interstice between installation art, performance and visual arts. Cryogenic applications where used to stop or at least challenge biological processes and therefore, time itself. Together with art historian Ils Huygens he researched the process of freezing time. Frederik is an artist that is often working on the interstice of art, science and technology.

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Institution: the bureau of impure problems
Groups of Interest: Gymnotiformes
Subject Areas of Interest: Behavior, Ecology, Taxonomy, Art and Science
Contributor ID: 2712

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