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John H. Caruso

John Caruso recently joined the faculty at Tulane University after holding positions with the University of New Orleans and the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. His research is focused on the systematics and distribution of chaunacid and lophiid anglerfishes. In the above photograph, he is standing on the deck of the RV Seward Johnson holding two Lophiodes specimens he just helped collect while aboard the RV Johnson Sea Link (partly visible in the photo). In his right hand he is holding L. beroe, and in his left, L. monodi. These specimens were the first to be recorded from the Atlantic Coast of the United States, and both are the largest known representatives of their species.

Contributor Type: Scientific Core Contributor
Institution: Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Assigned Groups: Lophiidae and Chaunacidae
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Contributor ID: 1478

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