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Movies of Jumping Spider Courtship

Wayne Maddison

Jumping spiders have excellent vision, and their intraspecific communication therefore has a heavy visual component. Males dance before females, displaying contrasting or brightly colored ornaments. Presumably this courtship dance is a basis by which females choose mates.

One of the most diverse and elaborately-ornamented genera of jumping spiders is the genus Habronattus, occurring primarily in North America. If you want to find our more information about the genus Habronattus, go to its branch page in the Tree of Life.

Here are some Quicktime movies of courtship dances of various species. The small squares in the grid on which the spiders are standing are 1 millimeter square. Touch on the picture of the spider to see the movie. If you want to see more pictures of a species, touch on the species name. If your media player has trouble displaying these movies, you can download the free Quicktime player here.

Jumping spider notes:

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