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Taxa Associated with the Subfamily Bolitaeninae Chun, 1911

Michael J. Sweeney and Richard E. Young

(data as of June, 2000)

Bolitaena Steenstrup, 1859:183.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Robson (1932:327)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- None given. Bolitaena microcotyla Steenstrup in Hoyle, 1886 [fide Hoyle (1910:408)]

Bolitaenella Grimpe, 1922:39.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Japetella Hoyle, 1885 [fide Robson (1932:331)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- "B. diaphana (?Hoyle, 1886)" by original designation

Chunella Sasaki, 1920:170.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Japetella Hoyle, 1885 [fide Nesis (1987:289)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Japetella diaphana Hoyle, 1885 by original designation

Eledonella Verrill, 1884:144.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Bolitaena Steetrup, 1859 [fide Young, ToL]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Eledonella pygmaea Verrill, 1884 by monotypy

Eledonenta Rochebrune, 1884:157.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Nomen dubium [fide Voss (1988:269)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Eledonenta filholiana Rochebrune, 1884 by subsequent designation of Hoyle (1910:409)]

Japetella Hoyle, 1885a:271.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Young (1972:90)
TYPE SPECIES. -- Japetella prismatica Hoyle, 1885 by monotypy [= Eledonella pygmaea Verrill, 1884 [fide Thore (1949:39)]


Nominal Species-Level Taxa (As Introduced Binomial)

Eledonella alberti Joubin, 1912:396.


Octopus (Philonexis) brevipes D'Orbigny, 1834 In 1834-1847:22, pl 1 figs 1-3.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. --?Japetella diaphana Hoyle, 1885 [fide Nesis (1987:289)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- MNHN Type; specimen not extant [fide Lu et al. (1995:312)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Atlantic, 23°N, 35°W de Paris [fide Lu et al. (1995:312)]

Japetella diaphana Hoyle, 1885b:232.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide Norman (2000:186)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- BMNH Holotype 1890.1.24.8 [fide Lipinski et al. (2000:110)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 0°42'S, 147°E, North of Papua

Eledonella heathi Berry, 1911:589.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species; Japetella heathi [fide Young (1972:71)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- NMNH Holotype 214318 [fide Sweeney et al. (1988:14)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 33°01'35"N, 121°32'W (Pacific Ocean)

Eledonella ijimai Sasaki, 1929:13, pl 7 figs 10-15.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Eledonella pygmaea Verrill, 1884 [fide Thore (1949:46)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Misaki, Sagami Province, Japan

Eledonella massyae Robson, 1924:202.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species; ?Bolitaena massyae [fide Robson (1932:328)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- BMNH Holotype 1924.9.9.10 [fide Lipinski et al. (2000:112)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Off Cape Town, South Africa

Bolitaena microcotyla Steenstrup in Hoyle, 1886:16.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide Robson (1932:327)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- ZMUC Syntypes (2) [fide Kristensen and Knudsen (1983:223)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 34°N, 32°W and 2°N, 21°W (Atlantic Ocean) [fide Robson (1932a:327)]

Japetella prismatica Hoyle, 1885b:231.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Eledonella pygmaea Verrill, 1884 [fide Thore (1949:46)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- BMNH Holotype 1890.1.24.9 [fide Lipinski et al. (2000:112)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 10°46'S, 36°08'W, Rio San Francisco, Brazil

Eledonella massyae purpurea Robson, 1930:379, fig 6.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid subspecies; ?Bolitaena massyae purpurea [fide Robson (1932a:329)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- BMNH Holotype 1951.4.26.2 [fide Lipinski et al. (2000:113)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 33°25'S, 6°31'E (SE Atlantic Ocean)

Eledonella pygmaea Verrill, 1884:145, pl 32 fig 2.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species; Bolitaena pygmaea [fide Norman (2000:185)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- NMNH Holotype 35268 [fide Roper and Sweeney (1978:12)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 37°12'20"N, 69°39'W (Atlantic Ocean)

Eledonella sheardi Allan, 1945:345, pl 26 figs 22-27.

TYPE REPOSITORY. -- AMS Holotype C126032 [fide Rudman (1983:67)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 28°44'S, 153°57'E (South Pacific Ocean)

Bolitaena steenstrupi Watkinson, 1908:409.


Octopus venustus Rang, 1837:66, pl 93.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Eledonella sp. [fide Hoyle (1909:299)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- MNHN Type; specimen not extant [fide Lu et al. (1995:327)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Coast of Goree, Senegal

Type Repositories

AMS- Australian Museum, P.O. Box A285, 6-8 College Street, Sydney South, New South Wales 2000, Australia. [For type catalogs see Rudman (1983); Sweeney, Roper and Hochberg (1988) for S.S. Berry taxa]

BMNH-The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, England (formerly British Museum (Natural History)). [For type catalog see Lipinski et al. (2000)]

MNHN-Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Laboratoire Biologie Invertebres Marins et Malacologie, 55, rue de Buffon, 75005 Paris 05, France. [For type catalog see Lu et al. (1995)]

MSUT-University Museum, University of Tokyo, Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyoku, Tokyo 113, Japan (includes former Tokyo Imperial University (TIU) collection and University of Tokyo Department of Fisheries (FUMT) collection).

NMNH-National Museum of Natural History, 10th & Constitution Avenue, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560, U.S.A. (formerly USNM). [For type catalogs see Roper and Sweeney (1978); Sweeney et al. (1988)]

ZMUC-Kobenhavns Universitet, Zoologisk Museum, Universitetsparken 15, DK 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark. [For type catalog see Kristensen and Knudsen (1983); See also Volsoe et al. (1962) for Steenstrup papers]


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