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Opsithoteuthis californiana Measurements

Richard E. Young and Michael Vecchione
Sex Female Holotype Female Paratype Male
Total length, mm 295 340 415+
Spread (arm tip to arm tip) 305 360 435
Mantle width 69 70 90
Fin span 98 110 145
Head width - - 90
Fin length (right/left) 17/14 25/21 30/30
Fin width 11/14 18/12 14/17
Arm I, length 145/140+ 170/170 185+/165+
Arm II, length 150/150 145+/165 185/205
Arm III, length 160/165 165/160 210/220
Arm IV, length 170/165 150/160 220/220
Diam. sucker no. 10, arm I 1.5 2 -
Diam. sucker no. 6, arm I - - 9
Max. diam. distal sucker, arm I - - 11
Depth web sector A 85 85 120
Depth web sector B 85/95 105/80 135/75+
Depth web sector C 95/110 120/80 115/120
Depth web sector D 105/105 120/105 95/130
Depth web sector E 110 115 115


These measurements are from Berry (1949) and Berry (1955).


Berry, S. S. 1949. A new Opisthoteuthis from the eastern Pacific. Leaflets in Malacology, 1 (6): 23-26.

Berry, S. S. 1955. The male flapjack devilfish. California. Calif. Fish and Game, 41: 219-22

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Opisthoteuthis californiana

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