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Luehdorfia chinensis Leech, 1893

Vazrick Nazari
Containing group: Luehdorfia


The life history of L. chinensis has been studied by Cui et al. (1992), Yuan et al. (1998), and Yao et al. (1999). There has been some controversy about the authorship of subspecies huashanensis; see under L. taibai.

Geographical Distribution

Central and eastern China (Chou, 1994).

Geographical Variation

The nominal subspecies, L. chinensis chinensis Leech, 1889 (Type locality: Chang-Yang, Lu Shan Mts. [KiuKiang], central China) and the recently described ssp. leei Chou, 1994 (=huashanensis Lee, 1982; see under L. taibai for details) (Type locality: Shaanxi, Ningshan, China) are the only known supspecies of L. chinensis.

Larval Food Plant

Two species of Asarum have been recorded as food plants of Luehdorfia chinensis; these are Asarum forbesii (Makita et al., 2000; Chunsheng, 2001) and Asarum sieboldii (Chunsheng, 2001).


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