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Elymniopsis Fruhstorfer 1907

Elymniopsis bammakoo (Westwood 1851)

the African Palmfly

Andrew V. Z. Brower
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Containing group: Elymniini


The west and central African representative/sister taxon of the widespread tropical Asian genus Elymnias. There are sympatric orange- and white-banded forms, which Larsen (2005) suggests are Batesian mimics of male and female Acraea epaea, respectively. The species also bear a resemblance to various Amauris spp. (Danainae). Larvae feed on palms.


Historically, the name of this taxon was considered to be Elymniopsis phegea (Fabricius, 1793). However, Fabricius' name is unavailable, as a junior homonym of Papilio phegea Borkhausen, 1788 (itself currently a subjective junior synonym of Proterebia afra (Fabricius, 1787)). Hemming (1960) proposed the replacement name Elymniopsis lise, not realizing that Westwood (1851) had already given the species another name, Elymnias bammakoo, which therefore takes priority.

Other Names for Elymniopsis bammakoo (Westwood 1851)


Ackery PR, Smith CR, and Vane-Wright RI eds. 1995. Carcasson's African butterflies. Canberra: CSIRO.

Larsen, T.B. 2005. Butterflies of West Africa. Apollo Books, Stenstrup, Denmark.

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Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Scientific Name Elymniopsis bamakoo
Location Nigeria: Port Harcourt
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Identified By Dirk Motshagen
Life Cycle Stage adult
View ventral
Source http://www.dirkmotshagen.com/Nigeria/Butterflies1/images/Elymniopsis%20bammakoo.jpg
Source Collection Nigeria butterflies
Copyright © 2009 Dirk Motshagen
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Elymniopsis bammakoo

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