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Cupes capitatus Fabricius 1801

Thomas Hörnschemeyer
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Containing group: Cupedidae


With c. 7.8 mm length and c. 2.2 mm width C. capitatus is a comparatively small cupedid. Today the species can be found in eastern North America, from south-eastern Ontario (Canada) to Georgia (USA). Until the ice ages the distribution was much wider, as fossil finds from the Baltic Amber and from the Pliocene sediments of Willershausen (northern Germany) indicate (Gersdorf 1976).

The larvae of this species as well as the life cycle and the preferred food source are unknown.

Until Neboiss (1984) most cupedid species were put together in the genus Cupes Fabricius, 1801. In his “Reclassification of Cupes …” Neboiss (1984: title) described five new genera (Tenomerga, Distocupes, Adinolepis, Ascioplaga, Rhipsideigma), to which he distributed the species previous belonging to Cupes. Only the type species Cupes capitatus remained in this genus.


Besides its comparatively small size a very characteristic feature of C. capitatus is its coloration. The head is bright orange whereas the rest of the animal, including the legs and antennae, is reddish to greyish brown without any pattern. The visual colors are those of the scales that densely cover the otherwise dark brown cuticle. Another characteristic feature are the conspicuous dorsal protuberances on the head. They are quite large and erect. The anterior pair is conical whereas the posterior pair is distinctly elongate.

Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

According to Hörnschemeyer (2009) Cupes capitatus forms a monophyletic group together with the African Tenomerga leucophaea and the Madagascan genus Rhipsideigma.


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Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Scientific Name Cupes capitatus
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Life Cycle Stage adult
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Scientific Name Cupes capitatus
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Life Cycle Stage adult
Body Part head, prothorax
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