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Archon apollinus (Herbst, 1789)

Vazrick Nazari and Frédéric Carbonell
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Containing group: Archon


The life history of A. apollinus is discussed and illustrated at length by Higgins (1975), De Freina (1985), Carbonell (1991), Hensle (1993), Nardelli (1993), Hesselbarth et al. (1995), and Löbel and Drechsel (1996). Genitalia of A. apollinus have been illustrated by Higgins (1975). De Freina (1985) and Hesselbarth et al. (1995) present discussions on the taxonomy and subspecies of A. apollinus, synonymizing most of the subspecies described for A. apollinus with the nominal subspecies, and distinguishing A. apollinaris as a separate species. Köstler and Abajiev (1998) discuss the origin of the Greek population of A. apollinus and conclude that it was introduced from Turkey during World War I.

Geographical Distribution

Archon apollinus is distributed in Greece, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon, with roughly four or five subspecies (Hesselbarth et al., 1995). Archon apollinus previously recorded from Bulgaria, has been excluded from the list of Bulgarian butterflies (Abajiev, 1992). More specific localities are compiled in books on butterflies of Turkey (Hesselbarth et al., 1995), Greece (Pamperis, 1997), Lebanon (Larsen, 1974) and Israel (Benyamini, 2002). It is protected by law in Greece (Pamparis, 1997).

Geographical Variation

The proposed reclassification of subspecies of A. apollinus by De Freina (1985) has generally been accepted (see Hesselbarth et al., 1995). Based on characters primarily from genitalia as well as life history, De Freina synonymized nearly all known subspecific names for Turkish and Greek populations proposed before 1985 with the nominal A. apollinus (Type locality: Izmir, Turkey), some of which include A. a. amasina Staudinger, 1901 (Type locality: Amasya, N. Turkey), A. a. thracica Buresch, 1915 (Type locality: Kuru Dagi, Turkey), A. a. armeniaca Sheljuzhko, 1925 (Type locality: Akbunuz, NE. Turkey), A. a. wyatti Koçak, 1976 (Type locality: Isparta, SW Turkey), A. a. wageneri Koçak, 1976 (Type locality: Marash, S. Turkey), A. a. annii Ondrias et al., 1979 (Type locality: Greece), A. a. bellargus Staudinger, 1892 (Type locality: Kassab, Syria), and A. a. lichyi Carbonell and Brevignon, 1983 (Type locality: N. Ulukisla, Konya, S. Turkey). Carbonell (1991) treated A. a. amasina from the Anatolian plateau as a valid subspecies. In Turkey, two other subspecies, namely A. a. forsteri Koçak, 1977 (Type locality: Kastamonu, Turkey) and A. a. nikodemusi Stüning and Wagener, 1989 (Type locality: Ambarli, Istanbul, Turkey), are recognized as valid subspecies by Hesselbarth et al. (1995). The latest described subspecies is A. a. drusica De Freina and Leestmans, 2003 (Type locality: Djebel ed Drùz, Shaqqa, Syria).

Larval Food Plant

Larvae of A. apollinus feed on species of Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae). At least 11 species of Aristolochia are recorded, including A. paecilantha [= A. scabridula] (Larsen, 1974), A. parvifolia, A. bodamae (Buresch, 1915; Koçak, 1977, 1982), A. hirta, A. bottae, A. auricularia (Koçak, 1982), A. rotunda, A. sempervirens, A. maurorum, and A. billardieri (De Freina, 1985). A. clematis previously published as a food plant for Archon apollinus (Bryk, 1934) is probably an erroneous record as it is very toxic and larvae fed by this plant in lab condition die in a few days (Carbonell, unpublished).


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Scientific Name Archon apollinus bellargus
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Sex Male
Copyright © 2006
Scientific Name Archon apollinus bellargus
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Sex Female
Copyright © 2006
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